Welcome on my website about the minions from the movie series Despicable Me. I’ve built this website because i really like these minions! When i searched the web for some good deals on minion plush dolls and other merchandise i noticed that the are a lot website that offer deals on minion toys but not one that combines these into a website where you will always get the lowest price. Almost all products you’ll find on here are for sale on Amazon.com. I have chose amazon.com because they have an excellent rating system and often offer the lowest price for the product. If you buy the product you desire through my website you’ll be redirect to amazon.com where you can actually buy. Yes, i earn a little bit of commission for every sale through my site. Does this mean your total price will be higher? No, i’m affiliated with amazon.com and they will have to share a small piece of their profit with me. If you don’t want to buy through my site you can turn your cookies off in your browser of don’t buy through my site. I hope you have a wonderful time on this site and find/found what you are looking for, if you have problems with anything you can mail me –> Contact.