Amazing Minion Vinyl Figures

vinylfiguressetThe Minions have become instant favorites with children and adults alike, and it not hard to figure out why. They embody the qualities we all need to be reminded to keep alive within ourselves, no matter what age we may happen to be. The Minions from the Despicable Me movies are Gru’s helpful and slightly devious sidekicks, because, well, you have to be a little devious, if you’re going to be a “villain’s” army of tiny, yellow creatures. The Minions are the embodiments of silliness and fun.

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Minion Vinyl Figures Set

pop-logoWhat better way to remind yourself or someone you adore about the fun that can and should be had in life, than with a Minion of your own? Anyone who has seen the Despicable Me movies, and is counting the days until the Minion movie is release (all sources are pointing to around Christmas time this year) could do with a friendly surprise in the form of their very own Minion. Funko, the toy manufacturer that is known for creating some of the most innovative pop culture toys, has produced your favorite Minion characters in vinyl form. The Minion’s embody the ideals of friendship, good humor, and just a bit of extra mischief added to the mix to keep everyone else on their toes.

The minions currently available are Carl, Dave, and the Evil Minion. If you’d like to keep your minions in good company, of course you can also acquire Gru and Agnes, because things are always more interesting with friends. These adorable vinyl figures are perfect for placing on your desk or bookshelf as they will always illicit a smile whenever your eyes will gaze upon them. I like to like to keep my Dave Minion right next to my laptop so that when I get stuck on a project, which happens more often than I would care to admit, I pick him up, and always, without fail, I am reminded not to take myself too seriously.


It should come as no surprise, that as adults, we are somehow ingrained with the idea that in order to be productive we must always think and present ourselves in a serious manner. I truly beg to differ. Yes, I can and do function perfectly well in stressful situations usually involving deadlines, and other people’s expectation of me, but I have found beyond a shadow of a doubt that the best way to deal with stress is to reach towards things that make you smile, and allow you to access the inner child that lives inside all of us. Our inner child knows how to take things in stride, and the Minions serve as excellent reminders of this. I think in the process of meetings, no matter who has come through the office door, they have almost always reached out and picked up Dave with a smile, or at least let their sight linger on him long enough to produce a genuine smile, and that in my eyes, makes him a truly priceless toy.