Minion Posters | Spread Minion Madness Through Your Home

How would you like a themed room with minion poster and accessories for your kid's room? Kids are always great fans of themed rooms and rooms designed around their favorite cartoon character or cartoon series help them form a special attachment with their rooms. And with Despicable Me catching the fancy of the kids in […] Read More

Minion Ornaments: Have Merry Minion Christmas

4 Despicable Me Minion Christmas Tree Ornaments Charm set of 6 Despicable Me Minions but can also be used as Christmas Tree Ornaments How would you like fun minion ornaments to adorn your Christmas tree this season? These ornaments will look cute and fun on the trees, and if you have a kid at home […] Read More

Minion Pillows and Pillowcases Will Spice Up Your House

Want to buy one of these? Click this link -> Cotton and Polyester two sides Bed Pillow Pillowcases with despicable me pattern standard size 20" x 30" Are you bored of using regular bland pillows? In that case, you should try opting for fun pillows such as the Despicable Me minion pillow in order to […] Read More

Despicable Me Fun Minion Stickers Ideas

How about letting some sprightly minions loose on the walls of your home? Well, you can do that now with the help of fun minion wall stickers. Placed strategically, they will spread a cheer through your living room and will add an element of lighthearted gaiety to the place. Especially, your kids are going to […] Read More