Despicable Me 2 Minion Dave Dancing Action Figure

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  • Talks, sings & grooves to music & sounds
  • Sound Activated – Responds to your voice
  • Includes his favorite Minion song clip too Poseable Arms

Try Me packaging – 4 AA batteries included for in-store demonstration; Ages 4 and up. Please insert the batteries before use

Character: Dave
Material: Hard Plastic
Size: 9″ tall

Cons: Negatives are that he does not come in his proprietary ‘try me’ clear plastic window packaging here on Amazon (just a non-descript enclosed brown box and inserts which is why he is cheaper) and his balancing is sometimes an issue- you have to have him on a hard flat surface to dance with no spring on it or he will topple over (he gets excited when he does long giggles or sings about bananas.) Might lead to damaging him when he falls because of his weight.
Pros: Pros are the wonderful banana song & one particularly long giggle that makes you laugh along with him. Has about 8 different sounds/responses (I didn’t count exactly.)

Dancing Dave Video

See this video review of dancing Dave to see all his features in action!

Product Description

With the summer release this year of Despicable Me 2, I got a chance to see more of our favorite characters elaborated on. While I adore all the minions together because there’s something ridiculously fun about seeing them as a group, the three that have been fleshed out into action figures can bring me hours of enjoyment on their own. One look at Dancing Dave’s huge and excited eyes, and his toothy grim, and you get a really quick and good idea about what he has in store for you.

Talking Dave vs Dancing Dave

While the original talking Dave was made of a malleable plastic, Dancing Dave is made of hard plastic which helps to offset the great attention to detail paid while designing his clothes, and especially his super expressive facial features. Another great reason why Dancing Dave was cast in a hard plastic was to help shield the electronics inside of him, that are very best part about this action figure. His speaker is positioned on the back of his head, and in order for his to hear and register sound, it must be within about a foot of his speaker.
Dancing Dave is voice activated and he also responds to loud noises nearby. Dancing Dave talks, moves to music, and sings. Dave can dance and speak/sing, or he can just dance. Dave comes programmed with his very own banana song, which in itself is quite hilarious. His little feet move, and when he does his rendition of the banana song, he seems to get excited enough to just about topple right over.

I love leaving him on my desk at work, especially when I have time to turn the computer speakers on, and just sit back for a few minutes, distract my eyes from the computer screen, and watch Dancing Dave work his magic. I had a friend come to visit me a few days ago, and I quite literally had to pry my Dancing Dave away from her two children who seemed to have gotten as attached to him as to a new puppy. I ended up buying them one, and mailing it to them, because I saw just how much they enjoyed him, and I have no intention whatsoever of parting with mine. You never know just how he will dance to the music you put on, it’s always hilarious.