Despicable Me 2 Minion Stuart Laughing Action Figure

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  • Over 45 Minion sayings/giggles in Original voice
  • Press his pocket to hear Stuart talk with funny expressions Press his pocket again or move his head for another response/expression
  • LOL Mode – quickly press Stuart’s pocket 6 times to activate his Laugh Out Loud mode; Press the pocket again or move his head to hear him laugh out loud

Soft skin Try Me packaging-2 AA batteries included for in-store demonstration; Ages 4 and up

Character: Stuart
Material: Soft Skin
Size: 8″ tall

Cons: Customers complaint about the paint quality.
Pros: Stuart’s special mode is “LOL” mode (Laugh Out Loud). Quickly press the pocket/button on the front of his overalls six times, and Stuart will laugh. After that, pressing the button again or moving his head will continue to keep him laughing over and over. The facial expressions that are possible with this model, the high-quality audio recordings, and the soft-touch skin that so faithfully reproduces the look of the character in the movies all come together to make this figure a must-have for any fan of Despicable Me and its minions.

Laughing Stuart Video

See this customer video review of laughing Stuart to see all his features in action!

Product Description

Three of the hundreds of Gru’s minions form the Despicable Me movies have been made into talking action figures. The hardest part is probably picking your favorite one, and if you’re like me, you may start of with one, and will soon decide that the other two must be acquired for your collection. The real question lies on which one you will pick first. I also find that I tend to get my friends things that I like, and then have a tendency to pine over them once I have given them away. Sometimes, I live vicariously through their enjoyment, and other times, I have to correct the error of my ways.

I remember when the Despicable Me movie came out in 2010 and I fell totally in love with the cast of minions who were there to help Gru, the “villain” achieve his super villain status, but in effect were actually just deeply and incredibly kind and likeable. The minions are not exactly human, and they are not animal either, but rather creatures that I find to be rather most similar to pixies in their mischievous and cheerful nature. Pill shaped, banana yellow, and dressed in exactly alike denim overalls, the minions have arrived.
My favorite minion and the very first one I purchased for my brother was Stuart. Something about his reminded me of my brother as I watched the movie, and it was probably his contagious laughter. My grandmother says that there is nothing a laughter attack wont’ cure, and I can say without a doubt that no matter how my day is going, laughter makes it so much better. Stuart’s whole role is about laughter.

Stuart is a Cyclops minion that comes complete with his very own LOL mode, which means that there will be hours of rolling laughter to be had with him. Stuart is programmed with 45 quotes from the movies. He is super easy to activate and one he starts talking, it is very unlikely that you will want him to stop. Pressing his pocket or moving his head activates his original quotes. My favorite part is pressing his pocket 6 times really quickly to activate his LOL made. His laughter and giggles are quite contagious and even though you may initially buy him for someone else’s enjoyment, you’ll have to get your own.