Despicable Me 2 Minion Tim Singing Action Figure

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  • Over 25 Minion sayings/giggles in Original voice & 3 song clips
  • Press Tim’s chest button to hear Tim talk with funny expressions Press again or move his head for another response/expressions
  • Singing Mode – Quickly move Tim’s head left & right 6 times to activate his Singing mode; Move his head again to hear more of his singing

Soft skin Try Me packaging-2 AA batteries included for in-store demonstration; Ages 4 and up

Character: Tim
Material: Soft Skin
Size: 10″ tall

Cons: Good to know that Tim is not singing the entire three songs, just a few words.
Pros: Tim’s special mode is “singing,” where he sings one of three different songs. Hilariously. He also has 25 different sayings and noises that have been faithfully reproduced from the actual Tim character in the movies. The facial expressions that are possible with this model, the high-quality audio recordings, and the soft-touch skin that so faithfully reproduces the look of the character in the movies all come together to make this figure a must-have for any fan of Despicable Me and its minions.

Singing Tim Video

See this customer video review of singing Tim to see all his features in action!

Product Description

The minions in the Despicable Me movies are so cute that it makes it hard to pick one as your favorite, because each one comes imbued with their own characteristics that make that much harder to put them down once you own them in an action figure. These pill shaped, banana colored, devious but charming minions are known for getting into trouble and causing quite a bit of havoc too, all the while brimming with good intentions, and making it impossible to stifle a giggle.

Tim is one of the three minions who can speak, but not only does he speak he also sings, and what better way to get songs irrevocably stuck in your head then when sung by a minion. The Tim Action Figure comes equipped with 25 hysterical minion saying, which are pretty damn fantastic, but then you get to hear him go into song mode, and this is when his cuteness becomes truly unstoppable. Tim, like all the other minions is exceptionally loyal, fun, and eager to please. While the minions speak their own language which seems to be a mixture of several modern languages, they are of course, are able to understand English.

Tim is one of the taller, two-eyes minions. His dark strand of hair stands up straight on top of his head. Tim somehow loses his hair by the second movie, and is seen sporting a bear and a tie. He like the rest of the minions, dutifully wears his goggles, and is attired in the traditional, minion blue denim overalls with one pocket on the front.

While Tim’s expressions are hilarious there is no doubt in my mind that his most amazing attribute is his singing. To get Tim to break out into song, you have to move his head quickly from left to right six times, and then he enters the singing mode. Tim is programmed with three songs which will all invariably get stuck in your head, and you will find yourself singing at quite possible the most inopportune time, which makes them that much funnier. Tim is the type of toy, that I as an adult wish could come to life because he is that much fun.