Despicable Me 2 (2013) Storyline, Summary and Plot

despicableme2In the 2013 sequel to Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 opens our favorite non-villain, his adorable minions, and his three adoptive daughters embark on yet another mission. Gru had given up his life as a villain (not a very menacing one at all), in favor of being a father. The Anti-Villain League soon calls upon Gru to help them find out who could be behind the heist near the Arctic Circle. Gru turns down the offer from the AVL, but reconsiders it after he finds out that his long time sidekick, and friend Dr. Nefario has left him, because of his lack of “evil”.
The AVL partners Gru up with the lovely, redheaded Lucy in an effort to find out who could be behind the theft. They begin their covert operations out of a bakery inside the mall. Gru’s got his eye on the Mexican restaurant owner named Eduardo Perez, also known to the locals as “El Macho”. Lucy and Gru begin to form a bond, and while they manage to sneak into El Macho’ s restaurant they are unable to come up with any real evidence against him.

In attempt at a romantic encounter, mostly to please the girls, who hint at wanting a mother, Gru has a horrifying date with a woman named Shannon. He is rescued from her evil clutches by Lucy, who tasers her with her lipstick gun, and they dispose of Shannon by taking her home. It is soon after this encounter that Gru realizes he is developing feelings for Lucy.

One of the people that Gru and Lucy were investigating, Floyd Eagle-san is arrested by the AVL, although Floyd maintains that he was framed. Lucy is packed off for Australia, but not before she leaves Gru her taser lipstick as a memento. Gru forges in inner battle because he wants to ask Lucy out on a date, but fails to muster up the courage. He then takes the three girls to a Cinco de Mayo party at the Mexican restaurant where he discovers that El Macho is indeed the super villain, but he is not acting alone. It appears that El Macho has teamed up with none other than Dr. Nefario himself, and together they have kidnapped and quite a few of Gru’s minions, used the PX-41mutagen, and have turned them into angry and aggressive, large, purple monsters.

El Macho plans to march his way into world dominion by sending rockets containing the mutated minions to every major city. On the other side of the world, Lucy realizes her feeling for Gru and exits the airplane. She ends up being captured by El Macho. When Gru finds out, he pretends to be captured by two minions who have not actually turned but are covered in an antidote concocted by Dr. Nefario. Gru and Dr. Nefario team up again to overwhelm El Macho with the aid of Lucy’s ever-trusty taser. The tale ends happily as the minions are returned to their naturally sunny dispositions, Lucy and Gru are married, and the three girls now have a full family.

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