Despicable Me Fun Minion Stickers Ideas

Minion Wall Stickers

walldecalsHow about letting some sprightly minions loose on the walls of your home? Well, you can do that now with the help of fun minion wall stickers. Placed strategically, they will spread a cheer through your living room and will add an element of lighthearted gaiety to the place. Especially, your kids are going to love the idea! In fact, Despicable Me stickers are even a better idea for your kids’ room. minionwalldecalMost tiny tots are big fan of the Despicable franchise and with the second movie releasing this year, the enthusiasm is still fresh. So, this might just be the ideal time to theme your kid’s room around minions and other characters from the movies. See more Despicable Me Minion Wall Decals and Stickers

The minion stickers have also become very popular for use in t-shirts, bags, and other dress accessories. You can order a t-shirt for your kid with a minion fun sticker printed on it or can attach the stickers yourself on the back of her knapsack or her cap. Children love to live in their imagination and this will only kindle that facility of theirs.

Minion Phone Stickers

Minion phone stickers have also become quite popular. You can get these stickers to use as screen icons for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Blackberry handset. All you need to do is to download these icons from a website and use them on your phone. Generally, they can be downloaded at no cost. If you want more flexibility, you can even get a minion sticker app which would give you greater options if you look to theme your phone around these cranky minions. (See a lot of minion stickers here)

Minion Sticker Book

The reusable sticker book based around Despicable characters has also become a big hit with the kids. You can gift your kid this book on his birthday or on other special occasion, and he will love it. The book has four pages of reusable stickers and kids can make their own minions with the help of the stickers. There are seven activities in all that the kids can perform. They can make a minion beach, a minion sleepover, a minion costume, a minion spy team, etc.

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