Despicable Me (2010) Storyline, Summary and Plot

despicable-me-2010Despicable Me was released in 2010 to the delight of both young and old moviegoers alike. Despicable Me hold’s at the center of its plot, a most unlikely villain, who is actually our dear and beloved protagonist. Enter Gru. Gru is our “villain” complete with adorable, yellow minions, who just happen to live in a picturesque suburban setting. He, as well as his home stand out just a bit from the rest of the neighborhood. The lawn is to be found a in state of continuous decay, the house itself a stark black against the white picket fences of the neighbors, and Gru himself casually freezes people as he goes about ordering his morning coffee and treat. All in a villain’s day.

We find our protagonist in a most disheveled and excited state, as his authenticity as a villain is being challenged by the heist of one of the great pyramids, which has been successfully undertaken by his nemesis Vector. Enter Vector. Vector is a geeky, spoiled, younger villain, who has recently pulled off the greatest villain heist. Vector has stolen the Pyramid of Giza, replaced it with a blowup version, and is the talk of the town for his efforts.

Gru and Vector meet as Gru attempts to apply for a loan at the Bank of Evil. Gru initially dismisses Vector as an obnoxious scoundrel, until he is told that he was actually behind the pyramid heist. In order to convince the bank manager (who also happens to be Vector’s father) that he deserves a loan to build a spaceship with which to fly to the moon, and shrink it, Gru must first produce the shrink ray gun itself. To do so, he must first steal it.

With the aid of his minions, and his nutty scientist Dr. Nefario, Gru manages to steal the shrink ray gun from somewhere in East Asia, but unfortunately Vector in turn steals it from him. Vector lives in his highly guarded, modern day palace, complete with rocket launchers, and giant shark. Gru realizes that he must find a way into this fortress, and while all his attempts were met with failure, it is when he sees three orphan girls selling cookies, that he finds out how he can penetrate Vector’s fortress.

It seems that Vector has a weakness for cookies, and so the three orphans are not only allowed in, but also asked back as his desire for coconut cookies is unparalleled. Gru decides that he will adopt the three orphan girls, and use them to get his shrink ray gun back, so that he may shrink the moon. Soon, we come to realize that Gru had been tinkering with the idea of building a spaceship to fly to the moon since he was a young villain, but his mom has dismissed his efforts, and we see that Gru at the end of the day is still trying to gain his mother’s approval.

Along the way, we quickly come to love both Gru and his minions, and their bond to the three orphans. While the orphans were first viewed as a way to get his shrink ray gun back, soon Gru finds himself very much attached and gracefully playing the role of doting father. He does not get his bank loan but with the aid of the orphans and his adorable minions he finances his spaceship venture. He succeeds in shrinking the moon, only to realize that the really important place he wants to find himself in is the ballet recital of the three orphans. The effects of the shrink ray gun are such that the bigger the object that was shrunk, the faster it will come back to its original size. So, the moon comes back in all its magnificent glory, Vector is on the moon in space, and Gru, his three young accomplices, his minions, his mom, and Dr. Nefario continue on happily causing mischief and having an excellent time doing it.

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