Dispicable Me Minion Plush Toys

daveandstuartplushThe adorable pill-shaped henchmen or minions created a stir in the Despicable Me movie but they have become a sensation with the second movie. The adorable pygmies are now available as minion plush toy models and they are really beautiful as gifts.

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What Makes the Minion so Funny?

As the Despicable Me 2 movie seems to be running to packed houses this holiday season, the minion seems to be the perfect gift for adults and children. The minion stuffed toys are available through several retailers and they make for perfect gifts. Evil minions are also available and they are dark purple. Of course, you can also buy the evil cronies in stuffed form but it is a far better idea to buy both ( good and bad) in sets.

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Toy retailers are selling the cute minions as family sets with parents and children in the form of plush pillows, dolls and collectible versions. The evil dolls are dramatically different and they are somewhat ugly as well. They are bright purple in color with wild hair and weird expressions and funny teeth. However, if your child is a fan of the movie, buying both purple and yellow minions together can make for a fun playtime gift.

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Buying the Minion Plush Toy

There are many places that you can buy the entire minion set or just one favorite model. Children may like the Dave minion that has two eyes but has a flat hairstyle with a center parting or you can buy the Jerry minion that has spiky hair with two eyes. Just a single tall minion is available called Tim, and he has just one tiny clump of hair. The fattest minion is called Jorge and he is the cutest minion and the most fun loving as well. For small children, select versions that range anywhere from 5″ to about 10″ or more. Some toys come in sets in which you can get different expressions and eyes or if you have a favorite, you can buy a single minion. For adults, another option is to choose adult collectibles that come in several price ranges. You can also add to the range as new minion movies are expected for release by 2015 and the movie will have many more minion versions.