How to Draw A Minion from Despicable Me

Have you ever wondered how to draw a minion from Despicable Me? It’s surprisingly easy. Even if you have minimal experience with drawing, you can create a minion that will leap off the paper at you. Here’s how you can make one yourself.


Before you begin, you will need a pencil and eraser, paper and a black felt tipped marker. To make a minion in full color, you can use watercolors, markers or pencil crayons at the end. To begin, you will use only pencil.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Draw a circle. This will form the head, so make it the size you want your minion’s head to be. Make sure this is done in pencil.

  2. Draw lines to divide the circle into quarters. A simple cross will do the trick.

  3. Extend the cross. Draw the lower line of the cross down. This vertical line will form the body. Most minions are short, but if you are drawing Tim, make the line a bit longer than the head length.

  4. Draw the eyes. You will be drawing one or two circles, depending on which minion you want. For two eyes, draw two circles on the horizontal line. They should take up much of the space. For Stuart, draw a large circle right in the middle of the cross. Add two small circles inside the eyes and color a dark pupil.

  5. Add glasses. Around the circles, draw another circle and a strap on either side to hold the glasses to the minion’s head.

  6. Draw the mouth. This will be a big grin. Think of a D on its side. The mouth should be at the bottom of the circle and centered on the vertical line. Add rounded teeth at the top of the mouth.

  7. Rough out the body. Draw two lines coming down from the head. These will start just below the horizontal line. Draw a slightly bulging line horizontally to connect them at the bottom, where the center line stops.

  8. Add arms. These are simply tubes with gloves at the end. Minions have three fingers only.

  9. Draw legs. Two stumpy legs at the bottom of the minion’s body are easy to draw. You will make two rounded squares sticking down from the body and then rounded feet.

  10. Draw overalls. Add two straps over the shoulders. Connect the straps with a horizontal line, just below the minion’s mouth. Draw a line on either side going down and curving slightly to go to the edge of the body right where the body curves. Add two lines here to make pockets.

  11. Add the details. You can now add some hair, two lines on each eye for eyelids and the front pocket on the overalls. Don’t forget the stylized C.

  12. Transfer to pen. Go over the drawing with your black marker, skipping lines that were only for guides, such as the cross marks.

  13. Erase the pencil. Erase all pencil lines and thoroughly brush the crumbs away.

  14. Color your minion. Finally, it’s time to color that minion. Add yellow for the body and blue for the overalls. You can color the eyes if you like, too.

When I did my minion, I looked at a picture on my computer to make sure I was doing it correctly. This makes it much simpler.

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