How to Make a Minion Cake

If your kids love those funny little yellow minions that appear in the “Despicable Me” animated films you should learn how to make a minion cake. Our family love the little yellow henchmen, the minions are really cool and my kids really appreciate an unusual birthday cake. I am not the world’s best cook, so I bought a deep sponge cake to use as the base for my cartoon character. If you would like to make your child a simple Despicable Me cake, read on to find out more.


minioncakeHere is a list of the ingredients used to make my cake:

  • One deep sponge cake- bought from the store (8 inch round)
  • A jar of apricot jam
  • A large block of fondant icing
  • A bag of icing sugar
  • Silver, yellow, blue, brown and black food coloring

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils used to make my cake:

  • A round cake board
  • A small kitchen knife
  • A small pair of scissors
  • A rolling pin
  • A pastry brush

Assembling the Cake

Method for assembling the cake:

  1. Take three-quarters of the block of ready-to-roll icing and put in into a mixing bowl. Knead the icing until it softens. Add a little yellow food coloring to the fondant and work the coloring into the icing. The fondant needs to be bright yellow, so keep adding food coloring until it turns buttercup yellow. Place the yellow icing into a bowl and put it to one side.

  2. You will need a small amount of silver, blue, black and brown icing. Color the icing in the same way as you colored the yellow fondant and put all four lots of icing into separate bowls.

  3. Place the bowls containing the colored icing into the refrigerator for thirty minutes. The icing will be easier to roll if it is cool.

  4. Sprinkle some icing sugar onto the kitchen counter

  5. Take the cool icing out of the refrigerator

  6. Use the rolling pin to roll out the yellow icing- roll it out until it is about one-quarter inch thick-the circle of rolled out fondant needs to be large enough to cover the entire sponge cake

  7. Roll out the silver, blue, black and brown icing-place the rolled -out icing to one side until you are ready to use it

Thrill the Kids

Now it’s time to turn the sponge into a birthday cake that will thrill the kids!

  1. Put a large spoonful of apricot jam into a small saucepan

  2. Warm the jam over a low light

  3. Brush the cake with jam-this will help the yellow icing to stick to the surface of the sponge cake

  4. Lay the large circle of rolled-out yellow fondant over the rolling pin

  5. Place the yellow icing on top of the cake- the layer of icing has to cover the entire cake

  6. Use the rolling pin to make the rolled icing sit flat on the top and sides of the sponge

  7. Sprinkle a little more icing sugar onto the counter top

  8. Take the sheet of blue fondant and cut out a pocket and two straps (use the small kitchen knife or the scissors to cut out the icing shapes)

  9. Cut out two feet, two hands, two buttons and two goggle straps from the sheet of black fondant

  10. Form two “eyeballs” from the small sheet of brown fondant icing

  11. Make a pair of goggles from the sheet of silver icing

Finish the Cake

Now, it’s time to make your minion come alive!

  1. Brush the pocket, straps, hands, feet, buttons, eyeball and goggles with some warm apricot jam

  2. Attach the blue pocket and the black straps to the center front of the iced cake

  3. Use a little of the left-over yellow icing to make a pair of sausage-shaped arms

  4. Tuck the arms around the creature, making sure that they meet in the middle of the pocket

  5. Put the black hands on the end of the arms and place a black button at the top corner of each pocket

  6. Put the black goggle straps into position- add the silver goggles

  7. Roll out a small piece of white icing –cut two circles to fit inside of the goggles

  8. Brush both circles of white icing with warm apricot jam and place them inside of the goggles

  9. Put one brown eyeball into the center of each goggle

  10. Take a small amount of black icing and form it into a small worm-this will be the creatures mouth

  11. Make the black “worm” of icing into a squiggly shape and use it as the mouth

  12. Create a small tongue from a piece of white fondant and stick it just below the squiggly mouth

  13. Make a dozen or so small black fondant icing spikes-attach these spikes to the top of the cake

There you have it! Your cake should be smiling at you from the cake-board. Minions are fantastic little creatures and your kids will love this funny little cake. If you have plenty of time on your hands you could always make a batch of mini-minions to make teatime something special.

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Photo Credit

Photo credit for the picture of this beautiful cake by Natalie Porter from Immaculate Confections
in the UK!, take a visit to her site and see more beautiful cakes!