Minion Posters | Spread Minion Madness Through Your Home

How would you like a themed room with minion poster and accessories for your kid’s room? Kids are always great fans of themed rooms and rooms designed around their favorite cartoon character or cartoon series help them form a special attachment with their rooms. And with Despicable Me catching the fancy of the kids in a big way upon its release, it can be a great idea to make room for some of those mischievous minions in your kids room! And if your kid is a fan of the series, you can rest assured that he will love to share his room with some of those minions! These posters are fun, crazy, cute and your kids would like it nothing better than to wake up next to these cute minions every morning.

So, if you are planning to theme your kid’s room around minion motifs, using a variety of fun minion posters should be an excellent idea. You can use posters of many different sizes. Use the bigger sized posters to fill up large chunks of wall. You can also use smaller posters and stickers on the desk, rocker, and the bed of the child. Apart from the posters of minions, you can also use posters of Gru, and Margo, Edith and Agnes as well as other fun posters from the series to complete the Despicable-Me décor of the room.

Apart from designing your kids’ room, these posters can also be used at other fun occasions such as a kid’s birthday party. You can decorate your living room with posters of minion and other popular cartoon and animation characters. This will create a perfect fun atmosphere for the party and the children present will love the colorful and vibrant décor.

Many of these posters also come with fun catchlines such as “one in a minion” or “Have You Hugged Your Minion Today?” or “Keep Calm and Gather Your Minions”, etc. Good quality posters will come in high resolution artwork and printed on quality paper. If you are ordering the posters online, make sure that the poster will be shipped rolled in a sturdy tube.

So, try these Despicable Me posters for your kids’ room today and let minion madness spread through your home!