Have Interactive Fun with Minion Talking Action Figures

Have Interactive Fun with Minion Talking Action Figures post image

Are you bored of the regular inanimate Despicable Me merchandises such as pillows, mugs, t-shirts, etc? In that case you should opt for a minion talking action figure and have hours of fun interacting with it! This is a refreshing change from regular collectibles. All you have to do is to press the pocket of the minion in order to hear him talk and produce funny reactions.

“These are Hilarious!”

daveactionfigureOne of the most hilarious features of the Dave minion talking figure would be the ‘Banana mode’. In this mode, the talking-minion would be capable of producing farts, which is simply hilarious. In order to make him ‘fart’, simply press his tongue and the minion would be ‘fed’. Then, press his pocket and turn his head slightly in order to enable him to produce the farting sound. If you feed the minion more than once then he would produce super farting sounds.

Another reason why the talking-minion is a great buy is because of its soft touchskin, unlike other hard plastic collectibles! This lightweight toy is just perfect for all Despicable Me fans.

Collect them all!

Moreover, you have the liberty of choosing the kind of minion you would like to have, i.e. Stuart, Tim and Dave. Each of these minions has their own unique features, recorded sentences and voices. In other words, each of the minions are distinct from one another therefore one would not find any recycled sound bites if one choose to purchase all three talking figures.

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Audio Recordings

The audio recordings of these talking toys are also of very high quality. Moreover, the biggest shortcoming of typical talking action figures is that there are very less recordings and most of the time these recordings are played over and over again. This makes them repetitive and annoying, not to mention boring. Thankfully, it is not the same with Despicable me talking-minion figures because each of these figures are loaded with 55 different lines reproduced from the lines of the particular character in the movie.

All in all, this talking minion-toy is a great purchase and I do not regret it at all! Because of their soft-touch skin, they might be mistaken for a regular minion plush toy but the real charm begins when it starts speaking and producing crazy reactions!