What are Minions?

Remember those adorable yellow thumb-shaped creatures in the cartoon Despicable me…If you loved them as much as me, you already know that they are called MINIONS. Now, these tiny but endearing things were designed to be evil sidekicks of Gru, the main villain in the Despicable me series. However, they don’t have a single evil bone in them, even though they are supposed to be evil sidekicks. In the very first movie, Gru the main character introduces his minions by name and calls them Dave, Stuart, Kevin, Jerry, Tim, Mark and Phil.

Minion Appearance

meettheminionsMinions are simple yellow homunculi shaped and they have a similar shape with a few unique characteristics thrown in to help viewers differentiate them. For example, Dave has two eyes, flat center-parted hair, with a slim body and he seems to work with rockets and missiles. Stuart on the other hand has one eye, and loves playing and laughing but is frequently bullied by other minions. Jerry is slim with spiky hair but hates Edith and loves to play and hang out with Stuart. Jorge is fat with two eyes and hair standing up. He seems to be obsessed with his butt and frequently seems to be photocopying his butt. In the first Despicable movie, the minions were shown with uneven teeth but this has changed in the second movie. The minions were metal goggles and some have one eye while others have two eyes. They also wear the same blue overalls with Gru’s crest on the front along with black gloves. According to creator Pierre Coffin, there are several hundred minions but only about 8 -10 different minions have been seen in the movie.

What Are Minions Made From?

The legend surrounding their evolution is not very clear. According to the first Despicable me movie, the minions were created from a single strand of DNA. However, Gru also has a gun that can convert humans into minions.


The minions are lovable, cooperative and extremely capable of making and using weapons, computers and tools. Gru seems to like his minions and he knows them by name and shows appreciation when they do a good job. In return, the minions are adoringly loyal to Gru and they try to do everything they are assigned to do. In the Despicable me 2 movie, the minions turn evil and their appearance is twitch, purple and a little scary but they are still funny little things worth watching.

Minion language

They have an absolutely hilarious accent but the actual words consist of a mish-mash of several languages. For example, some minions reply with the Russian ‘da’ when saying yes while other use the term French ‘poulet tikka masala, et pis c’est tout’ to refer to chicken tikka masala. As they are difficult to understand, a minon translator is frequently required. They can also be very insistent or pesky when they are interacting with other people and trying to make them understand what they are saying. Their language is generally incomprehensible with several different languages thrown together but they seem to understand English very well. Popular minion quotes like “Bananaaaah! Potato-naaaaah!” can still put little children and adults into splits.


Minions Likes And Dislikes

The tiny bots love fruits and they can be ridiculously fixated on bananas and apples which they refer to as bapples. They seem to find butts and bottoms hilarious and they love spitting, bunnies, frog legs and potatoes. They also have a very childish and silly sense of humor that seems to pop up at the oddest times.

Latest news

The Minions range has become so popular that a spin-off movie is expected to be out in cinemas by July 10, 2015. Creator Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda are expected to direct the movie and it will focus only on the attractive little henchmen. The movie is also expected to provide a little back-story about their evolution, their attraction to the most villainous characters in history and how they destroyed these villains through their ineptitude. For interested fans, several short movies have been made on the Minions like PUPPY, PANIC IN THE MAILROOM, TRAINING WHEELS, etc and more short movies are expected to release before the main Minion movie set for release on July 10, 2015.